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The Projects We Support

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Cheryl’s Children’s Home

Situated in Nairobi, Cheryl’s Children’s Home is a place of respite and learning for 64 incredible children – many who have undergone immense challenges and hardship. In addition to the need for school supplies, pens, exercise books, desks, and chalk, there is often a shortage of food as well.

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The Kibera SEED School

Located in the heart of Kibera – Nairobi’s largest slum, the SEED school provides quality education for 66 children from the local community. The current goal is to raise funds for purchasing school supplies (pencils, workbooks, erasers, chalk, textbooks) and nutritious lunches (rice, beans, vegetables, and corn flour) for all the children.

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The Kijabe Forest Trust

Focusing primarily on the remaining forests of the Great Rift Valley, the Kijabe Forest Trust works to mitigate deforestation through educating local communities on the importance of managing their natural resources sustainably. Through supporting their tree-planting initiatives, we are able to off-set a portion of our carbon emissions.

Uganda Sonrise Bay Orphanage


Sonrise Orphanage

Started in response to the ever-increasing numbers of HIV/AIDS orphans living in Uganda, the Sonrise Orphanage provides a safe, loving, and healthy home for children without caregivers. With the number of orphans continuing to grow, donations will be used to assist with the associated operating costs (food, medicine, hydro, etc.)

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Family Kits

In order to meet the needs of the ‘poorest of the poor’, GIVE International distributes family kits to meet the basic needs of vulnerable households. A donation of $50 purchases a family kit consisting of a bed mattress, mosquito net, blanket, water container, 3 bars of soap, cooking pots, and basic food staples.

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Good Hope Orphanage

The Good Hope Orphanage and School are located just outside Arusha, Tanzania, and provides refuge for 18 children. For just $30 per month, travelers can supply food, medical care, school tuition, and a school uniform for one of these incredible children.

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Shalom Children’s Home

Located in the town of Karatu, on the way to the Ngorongoro Crater, the Shalom Children’s Home is committed to providing relief and development for extremely disadvantaged children. With the number of child residents on the rise, funds are being raised to assist with the associated facility operating costs (food, medicine, hydro, etc.).

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South Africa

Constructing a Food Tent

When traveling to South Africa, many of our travelers choose to spend one of the afternoons constructing a sustainable and low maintenance ‘food tent’ alongside members of the local community. A donation of $500 provides the resources required to provide fresh, organically grown vegetables for fifty local residents each month.

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South Africa

Kruger Primary School

Located near Kruger National Park, we have partnered with a primary school that teaches over 300 children from the ‘rainbow nation’. As many of these children come from extremely poor families, there is a tremendous need for school supplies, exercise books, and desks.

Travel with a purpose on a socially responsible safari.