Guided Safaris 2018 & 2019

Since 1999, we have been guiding socially responsible safaris for small groups of travelers to some of the most interesting and unique destinations throughout the world. These trips are a great way to meet like-minded individuals who also want to ‘travel with a purpose’ by staying in environmentally-sensitive accommodations, planting trees to off-set their carbon footprint, eating locally-grown organic food, and supporting local schools, health clinics, and orphanages along their route.


 Trip Dates

Destination: Safari



July 6-16, 2018 Kilimanjaro Charity Climb
( 3 spots remaining )
Liza Snider US$ 3,000

July 21-31, 2018 South Africa, Victoria Falls & Botswana
( Sorry, sold out )
Dr. Ryan & Liza Snider US$ 4,990

August 11-21, 2018 Kenya:  The Classic Safari
( Sorry, sold out )
Dr. Ryan & Liza Snider US$ 4,990

Feb. 1-11, 2019 Kenya: The Art Safari
Ralf Wall (Raflar) US$ 4,290

Feb. 3-11, 2019 Tanzania: Serengeti under Canvas
Erla Koch US$ 3,990

Feb 16-26, 2019 Uganda & Kenya: Heart and Soul
( 9 spots remaining )
Rebecca Binnendyk US$ 3,890

April 12-27, 2019 Everest Base Camp, Nepal
Dr. Maggie Miller & Pema Tshiri Sherpa US$ 2,490

July 6-16, 2019 Sao Tome & Principe: Africa’s Galapagos
Dr. Ryan Snider US$ 4,290

Aug. 3-13, 2019 Kenya: The Classic Safari 2019
Dr. Ryan & Liza Snider US$ 4,990

All prices quoted in US$ and based on double occupancy.  International Airfare not included.

Payment of the program price constitutes your acceptance of the terms and conditions set out HERE.